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C.V.--That's academic talk for "resume"

 Kevin Hearle

 Curriculum Vitae

 137 14th Avenue  

 San Mateo, CA 94402  

    (650) 571-6390



 Ph.D. in Literature from the University of California at Santa Cruz.  December 1991.  Louis 

 Owens, dissertation director.  I also studied with Forrest Robinson, Nathaniel Mackey, Thomas 

 Pavel, Susan Gillman and Harry Berger.

 M.A. in Literature from the University of California at Santa Cruz.  June 1990.  


 M.F.A. in English from the Writers' Workshop of the University of Iowa.  May 1983.  Stanley 

 Plumly, thesis supervisor.  I also studied with Donald Justice, Marvin Bell, Larry Levis, and 

 Henri Coulette.

 A.B. in English, with Distinction, from Stanford University.  June 1980.  I studied with Henri 

 Coulette, Kenneth Fields, Alan Shapiro, Ron Hansen, Diane Wood Middlebrook and Ian 


Areas of Specialization

 Creative Writing, Twentieth-Century American Poetry, Prosody, Late Nineteenth and 

 Twentieth-Century American Literature, American Regionalist Fiction, California Literature,

 American Indian Literature, and Literary Translation.



 Each Thing We Know Is Changed Because We Know It, and Other Poems. Boise: Ahsahta 

 Press of Boise State University, 1994.  Second printing, 1996.  Third printing, 2006.  Fourth 

 printing, forthcoming in 2018.  Spanish translation forthcoming from students at Pontificia 

 Universidad Catolica de Ecuador in 2018.

 “On the Anniversary of John Steinbeck’s Death.”  Forthcoming in The Steinbeck Review15.2 

 (Fall 2018 special issue commemorating the 50thanniversary of John Steinbeck’s death).

 “Meditation on Trump’s Ministry of Truth.”  Gravel(  Summer 2017. 

 “Credo.” Zocalo Public Square( 12, 2012.

 “Another Discourse on Adornment.” Signs of Life: Contemporary Jewelry and Literature.  

 (2012): 6.

 “Quantum Metaphysics.” Signs of Life: Contemporary Jewelry and Literature.  

 (2012): 6.

 “The Scarecrow’s Soliloquy.”  A Bird Black as the Sun: California Poets on Crows and 

 Ravens.  Enid Osborn and Cynthia Anderson, Eds.  Santa Barbara: Green Poet Press, 2011: 


 “Burden and Lament.” Studies in American Indian Literature14. 2/3 (2003): 74-75.

 "Agnus Dei." Organization and Environment10. 2 (1997): 185.

 “The Politics of Memory” reprinted in California Poetry: From the Gold Rush to the Present.  

 Dana Gioia, Chryss Yost, and Jack Hicks, Eds.  Berkeley: California Legacy Series of Heyday  

 Press and Santa Clara University, 2003. 354-55; and in The Coiled Serpent: Poets Arising from 

 the Cultural Quakes and Shifts of Los Angeles. Neelanjana Banerjee, Daniel A. Olivas, and 

 Ruben J. Rodriquez, Eds. Los Angeles: Tia Chucha Press, March 2016. 140.

 “The Lesson.”  Reprinted in The Poetry Cure.  Tarset (UK): Bloodaxe Books and the 

 University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, 2005. 66-68; reprinted and annotated in the Literature, 

 Arts and Medicine Database, NYU School of Medicine at    


 "In Memoriam: John Logan." The University of Windsor Review26. 1 (1993): 80; reprinted 

 and annotated in the Literature, Arts and Medicine Database, NYU School of Medicine at

 "Each Thing We Know Is Changed Because We Know It." Yale Review78. 3 (1989): 414; 

 reprinted in Unfolding Beauty: Celebrating California’s Landscapes.  Terry Beers, Ed.  

 Berkeley: California Legacy Series of Heyday Press and Santa Clara University, 2000. 271-72; 

 reprinted in The Ahsahta Anthology: Poetry of Western America.  Boise: Ahsahta Press, 1996. 

 138-39; reprinted in Course Reader for "American Cultural Landscapes"(Geography 

 Department, California State University at Chico, Spring 1994) Susan W. Hardwick, ed.; first 

 11 lines used as epigraph to Jared Farmer’s Trees in Paradise: A California History. New 

 York: W. W. Norton & Company, 2013: unnumbered

 "Water and Power." Crazy River3 (1993): 4-5.  Reprinted in Western Technological 

 Landscapes(Reno: University of Nevada Press, 1998): 107-08; reprinted in Unfolding Beauty: 

 Celebrating California’s Landscapes.  Terry Beers, Ed.  Berkeley: California Legacy Series of 

 Heyday Press and Santa Clara University, 2000. 272-73; reprinted in The Ahsahta Anthology: 

 Poetry of Western America.  Boise: Ahsahta Press, 1996. 142-43; reprinted in Course Reader 

 for "American Cultural Landscapes"(Geography Department, California State University at

 Chico, Spring 1994) Susan W. Hardwick, ed.; and reprinted in The Coiled Serpent: Poets

  Arising from the Cultural Quakes and Shifts of Los Angeles. Neelanjana Banerjee, Daniel A.

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 "Agnus Dei." Organization and Environment10. 2 (1997): 185.

 "Sour Grass." Poetry FlashJune-July 1994: 9.


 "Figure 13f." Poetry FlashJanuary 1993: 8; reprinted in The Ahsahta Anthology: Poetry of 

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 reprinted in The Ahsahta Anthology: Poetry of Western America.  Boise: Ahsahta Press, 1996.  


 "Approaching the Door." Sonora Review10 (1986): 23.

 "West 7th Street." Sonora Review10 (1986): 24.

Kevin Hearle  Page 4

 "The First Demonstration of Muybridge's Zoepraxiscope." TelescopeIII. 3 (1984): 61.


 "Program Notes for 'The Art of Cryptic Postcards.'" TelescopeIII. 3 (1984): 74-79.

 "Apple-Red Refrigerators and Sleeping in the Nude", "For Clive Delbridge", "Julia's

 Cloisonné Lily", "Outside Cameron, Arizona", and "Reminder to Myself" in Seven Poets at 

 StanfordStanford: Goodmorrow Press, 1980: 3-5.

Literary Non-fiction:

 “When Girls First Ran” Zocalo Public Square, June 21, 2012.  Reprinted as “In the Long Run: 

 How ‘The Battle of the Sexes’ Changed Portola Junior High School” in New California 

 Writing, 2013.  Gayle Wattawa and Kirk Glaser, Eds. Berkeley: Heyday, 2013: 288-292.  

 "Are You Sure You Belong?" Community in the American West.  Stephen Tchudi, Ed. (Reno: 

 Halcyon Series of the University of Nevada Press, 1999): 255-63.


 William Everson.  An Interview with Kevin Hearle.  Quarry West27 (1990): 126-34.

 W. S. Merwin.  An Interview with Kevin Hearle and Ken Weisner.  Quarry West25 (1988):


Works edited:

 Mary Austin. The Essential Mary Austin. Berkeley: California Legacy Series of Heyday 

 Books and Santa Clara University, 2006.  Kevin Hearle, Ed.

 Beyond Boundaries: Rereading John Steinbeck.  Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama 

 Press, 2002. Kevin Hearle and Susan Shillinglaw, Eds.

 John Steinbeck.  The Grapes of Wrath: Text and Criticism. New York: Viking Critical 

 Library Second Edition, 1997.  {Revision Editor}  Peter Lisca with Kevin Hearle, Eds.

 "Pablo Neruda and Contemporary U. S. Poetry." Quarry West25 (1988): 35-82. 

 {Assistant Symposium Editor} Contributors included Philip Levine, Charles Simic, Robert 

 Bly, Sandra McPherson, Juan Felipe Herrera, Sharon Doubiago, David Young, Stephen 

 Kessler, Alastair Reed, W. S. Merwin, Nathaniel Mackey, James Nolan, Bruce Weigl and 

 David St. John.

Kevin Hearle  Page 5

 "Robinson Jeffers: A Symposium" Quarry West27 (1990): 71-134. {Assistant Editor}

 Contributors included Carolyn Kizer, Diane Wakoski, Dana Gioia, William Everson, Patrick 

 Murphy, Terry Beers, Tim Hunt and James D. Houston.


“Lyrics to ‘Lost’ Song from The Grapes of WrathFound in Archive.” The Steinbeck Review

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“’No Strain of Cruelty’: Sacred and Quotidian Violence in the Raymond Banks Chapter of The 

 Pastures of Heaven.  Steinbeck Review2. 1. (2005): 65-73.

 “’These Are American People’: The Spectre of Eugenics in Their Blood Is StrongandThe 

 Grapes of Wrath.”  Beyond Boundaries: Rereading John Steinbeck. Eds. Kevin Hearle and 

 Susan Shillinglaw.  Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press, 2002: 243-54.

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 "The Boat-Shaped Mind: Steinbeck's Sense of Language as Discourse in Cannery Rowand 

 Sea of Cortez."  AfterThe Grapes of Wrath: Essays on John Steinbeck in Honor of 

 Tetsumaro Hayashi.  Eds. Donald V. Coers, Robert J. DeMott and Paul Ruffin.  Athens:

 Ohio University Press, 1995: 101-12.

Kevin Hearle    Page 6

 "Sturges and The Grapes of Wrath: Sullivan's Travelsas Documentary Comedy." Steinbeck

 Newsletter7. 2 (1994): 5-7.  Abstract published in the Winter 1995 issue of The Heliconia­n

 "The Pastures of Contested Pastoral Discourse." Steinbeck QuarterlyXXVI. 1-2 (1993): 8-45; 

 reprinted in Short Story Criticism, Volume 77. Farmington Hills: Thomson Gale, 2005. 237-41.

Book Reviews:

 Rev. of Reading the West: New Essays on the Literature of the American West, ed. by Michael

 Kowalewski. Jeffers Studies2.2 (1998): 8-10.

 Rev. of John Steinbeck: A Biography, by Jay Parini. American Literature67. 4 (1995):


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 Rev. of Steinbeck's Short Stories inThe Long Valley: Essays in Criticism, edited by Tetsumaro 

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Drama Reviews:


 “On ‘John Steinbeck’s The Pastures of Heaven’ adapted by Octavio Solis,” dir. Jonathan 

 Moscone.  Word for Word Performing Arts Company, California Shakespeare Theater, Orinda.

  Steinbeck Review7.2 (2010): 117-19.

 “The Wooden-O Theatre Presents ‘Robert Viharo’s adaptation of John Steinbeck’s stories

  from The Long Valley: A Work in Progress.” Wooden-O Theatre, Los Angeles.  The 

Kevin Hearle    Page 7

 Steinbeck Newsletter 10.1 (Spring 1996): 26. 



 “Finding the Music” and “Lyric Intensity and Depth of Reference” at the 2008 Pleasanton 

 Poetry, Prose and Arts Festival in Pleasanton, California on April 5, 2008.


 Poetry reading for Adelfa, The Writing Studies Theme House in Lagunita Dormitory, at 

 Stanford University on November 3, 2009.

Ravenswood Poetry Series reading (with Ellen Bass) on November 2, 2008 in Livermore, 


 Morden Tower Poetry Series poetry reading on June 10, 2008 in Morden Tower in 

 Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England.

 Ina Coolbrith Circle poetry reading in Orinda, California on September 23, 2007.

 California Poetry(featured reading with Al Young, Juan Felipe Herrera, Sam Maio and Lucille 

 Lang Day), sponsored by Poetry Center San Jose, at the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library in 

  San Jose, California on October 17, 2004.

 California Poetry(featured reading with David Alpaugh, Art Beck and Lucille Lang Day) at

 The Main Library in San Francisco, California on August 12, 2004.

 California Poetry(featured reading with Francisco X. Alarcon, Jane Hirshfield, Lucille Lang 

 Day, and Chryss Yost) at the Mechanics’ Institute Library in San Francisco, California on 

  April 29, 2004.

 California Poetry(featured reading with David Alpaugh, Lucille Lang Day, Suzanne J. Doyle 

 and Taylor Graham) at California State University, Hayward on April 6, 2004.

 “The Poetry and Prose of Place,” public reading and lecture presented at the Pioneering Orange

 County History Conference at California State University, Fullerton on November 4, 2000. 


 Poetry reading at Ohio State University/Lima Technical College in Lima, Ohio on February 29, 


Kevin Hearle  Page 8

 Poetry Reading as part of the annual meeting of the Western Literature Association in

 Sacramento, California on October 15, 1999. 

 Poetry Reading for the Robinson Jeffers Tor House Foundation on April 25, 1997. 

 Poetry Reading for Chapman University’s Steel and Ivy Reading Series on May 18, 1996. 

 Poetry Reading sponsored by the English Graduate Student Association of San Jose State  

 University on October 12, 1994.

 Panel Member on "Creative Reading: Western Poetry and Poetry of the West" at the annual 

 meeting of the Western Literature Association in Reno, Nevada on October 9, 1992.

 Panel Member on "Voices of Place: California's Regional Poetry," at the annual California  

 Studies Conference at California State University, Sacramento on February 9, 1991.

 Poetry Reading at the annual meeting of the Western Literature Association in Reno, 

 Nevada on October 9, 1992.

 "The Poetry Motel" television poetry reading (shown across New York under a grant from 

 the New York State Council for the Arts,) broadcast during October 1990.

 Poetry Reading for The University of Findlay Writers Series in Findlay, Ohio on September 

 29, 1990.

 Radio Poetry Readings broadcast on: KSJS FM, San Jose, CA in January 1993; KUSP FM, 

 Santa Cruz, CA in June 1990; and KKUP FM, Cupertino, CA in October 1987.

 Prize Winners’ Reading at Mansion Book Merchants in Davis, California on October 16, 1989.

 Louden Nelson Arts Center Reading Series, Santa Cruz, California.  November 1987, July

 1988, and January 1991.

 Bookstore readings and signings at: 57th Street Books (Chicago—August 4, 1994), Beyond 

 Baroque Literary/Arts Center (Venice—August 26, 1994), Stanford Bookstore (Stanford 

 University—October 14, 1994 & April 25, 1997), Midnight Special Bookstore (Santa 

 Monica—December 4, 1994), Cody's Books (Berkeley—January 25, 1995), Borders 

 (Westwood—February 7, 1995), Earthling Bookstore (Santa Barbara—March 6, 1995), 

 Upchurch-Brown Booksellers (Laguna Beach—March 24, 1995), Borders (Mission Viejo—

 April 4, 1995), Borders (Santa Monica—November 18, 1996), Bookshop Santa Cruz (Santa 

 Cruz—July 8, 1997), Borders (San Mateo—July 8, 1999), Barnes & Noble (Redwood City—

Kevin Hearle  Page 9

 August 4, 1999), Vroman’s Books (Pasadena—August 8, 2005), Sacred Path Bookstore (San

 Mateo—August 19, 2006).

Papers, Public Lectures, Panels & Symposia:

 “The Geo-political Context of John Steinbeck’s ‘Speech Accepting the Nobel Prize in 

 Literature.”  Public lecture at Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Ecuador. Quito, Ecuador,

 May 31, 2017.

 “’I Never Heard or Felt a Breath of It’: The Construction of Race and Ethnicity in Steinbeck’s 

 Salinas.” As part of the Steinbeck panel at the American Literature Association Conference.

 San Francisco, May 26, 2016.

 “’The Genuine American’ in Stockholm: The International Context of Steinbeck’s ‘Speech 

 Accepting the Nobel Prize in Literature.’” As part of a panel at 2016 International Steinbeck

 Conference. San Jose State University, May 5, 2016.

 “Tour of Steinbeck’s Stanford,” and lecture—“Of Race and Men in Steinbeck’s The Grapes of 

 Wrath”—for a group of high school teachers from Florida under theauspices of the National 

 Council for History Education and led by Professor David Wrobel of the Department of 

 History at the University of Oklahoma.  Green Library, Stanford University, June 2013.

 “’I wouldn’ tell nobody what happened’: Tom Joad and McAlester Prison.”International 

 Steinbeck Congress.  San Jose State University, May 2013.

 “Race Around the Quad: Race and Ethnicity at Steinbeck’s Stanford.”  Public lecture 

 sponsored by the Bill Lane Center for the American West. Stanford University, March 7, 2013.

 “Stanford and Cannery Row.” Society of California Pioneers, Green Library, Stanford 

 University, September 2012.

 “'Perfectibility' and the Emblematic American: The Geo-Politics of Steinbeck's 'Speech

 Accepting The Nobel Prize in Literature.'" American Literature Association conference in San 

Francisco in May 2012.

“Steinbeck and Race.”  Guest lecture at Castilleja School. Palo Alto, CA on October 26, 2011.

 Chair of the John Steinbeck Society's panel "Steinbeck's California" at the American Literature  

 Association conference.  San Francisco, California, May 28, 2010.

Kevin Hearle    Page 10

 “Steinbeck’s Forgotten ‘Foreword’: Racism and Tortilla Flat” at the American Literature 

 Association conference. San Francisco, May 22, 2008.

 “Mary Austin’s California.” Reading and discussion of her works, presented at Harrison 

 Memorial Library. Carmel, California, February 27, 2006; presented March 5, 2007 at the 

 Riverside Public Library.  Riverside, California, March 5, 2007; and presented for the Ridge 

 Writers at the Ridgecrest Branch of the Kern County Public Library. Ridgecrest, California, 

 March 7, 2007.

 “First Class Work from Second Class Citizens: The Access Problems of Independent Scholars” 

 Presented as part of the panel, “Periodicals and Access,” sponsored by the Research Society for 

 American Periodicals at the American Literature Association conference in San Francisco on 

 May 26, 2006.

 One Book: Cannery Row.” Co-hosted public discussion of the novel with Dr. Joyce Moser, 

 under the auspices of the Stanford University Alumni Association.  Stanford University,

 October 22, 2005.

 “Of Race and Men: Race and Ethnicity in the Life and Works of John Steinbeck,” Homecoming 

 Weekend “Classes Without Quizzes” lecture under the auspices of the Stanford Alumni 

 Association.  Stanford University, October 21, 2005.


  “Did Steinbeck Get It Wrong?: Veracity and Verisimilitude in The Grapes of Wrath,” public 

 lecture under the auspices of The University Library.  Santa Clara University, May 1, 2002.

 Panelist for “The Octopus Revisited: Themes of Power in California Art and Literature” at the 

 13th Annual Envisioning California Conference, “A Year of Disconnect: The Politics of Power 

 in California.” Sacramento, California, October 5, 2001.

 “The Truth About Cannery Row: and Other Lies” public lecture, presented at the San Mateo

  Main Public Library.  San Mateo, California, September 19, 2001.

 Introductory Speaker and Moderator for video presentation of 1954 television production of 

  John Steinbeck’s The Pastures of Heavenat Steinbeck Festival XXI at The National Steinbeck 

 Center. Salinas, California, August 3, 2001.

 Moderator, organizer, and chair of the panel “Steinbeck and Poetry” at Steinbeck Festival XX 

 (Terry Beers and Dana Gioia, panelists) at The National Steinbeck Center.  Salinas, California,

 August 4, 2000. 

 “Steinbeck and the Question of Race,” public lecture presented at the San Mateo Public 

Kevin Hearle    Page 11

 Library. San Mateo, California, June 6, 2000.

 "Willa Cather’s Turf Wars: Contested Valuations of Land and Women in My Antoniaand A 

 Lost Lady" presented at the California American Studies Association conference at UC Santa 

 Cruz. Santa Cruz, California, April 30, 1999.

 "Everson and the Problem of the Christian Disciple: 'Tamar' as Test Case" presented at the 

 Fourth annual Robinson Jeffers Association conference.  Carmel, California, February

 15, 1998.

 "Shark Wicks and Wick Cutter: Steinbeck Re-Writes Cather" presented at the Western 

 Literature Association annual meeting. Albuquerque, New Mexico, October 17, 1997.

 "'These are American People': The Spectre of Eugenics in Their Blood is Strongand The 

 Grapes of Wrath" presented at the Fourth International Steinbeck Congress at The Monterey 

 Bay Aquarium.  Monterey, California, March 22, 1997.


 "Jeffers and a Framework for Understanding American Regionalism."  The Third Annual

  Robinson Jeffers Association conference.  Carmel, California, February 15, 1997.

 "Caroline Kirkland's A New Home--Who'll Follow?and Jewett's Regionalism" presented at 

  Sarah Orne Jewett and Her Contemporaries: The Centennial Conference at Westbrook College. 

 Portland, Maine, June 22, 1996.

 "No Strain of Cruelty: Sacred and Quotidian Violence in the Raymond Banks Chapter of The 

 Pastures of Heaven" presented at the American Literature Association annual conference. 

 San Diego, California, June 2, 1996.

 "Observations on the Influence of Los Angeles upon the World View of Robinson Jeffers"  

 presented at The Second Annual Robinson Jeffers Association Conference at Occidental

 College. Los Angeles, California, February 18, 1996.

 "The Problem of Landscape Art: Discourse and Perspective in Jewett's Fiction" presented 

 at the Modern Language Association Convention. San Diego, California, December 30, 1994.

 "Jeffers, Archetypes and Indians" presented at the Robinson Jeffers Association Conference. 

 Carmel, California, October 9, 1994.

  "Sarah Orne Jewett and the Urban Eye" presented at the annual meeting of the American 

 Literature Association.  San Diego, California, June 5, 1994.

Kevin Hearle    Page 12

 "Sturges And The Grapes of Wrath: Sullivan's TravelsAs Documentary Comedy" presented 

 as part of the panel "Stein­beck and Film" at the annual conference of the Modern Language 

 Association. Toronto, Ontario, Canada, December 29, 1993.


 "The Word As Symbol And Delight: Steinbeck As Modernist" presented at Steinbeck Festival

  XIV.  Salinas, California, August 7, 1993.

 Chair of the panel "New Approaches to Steinbeck" at the American Literature Association 

 annual meeting.  Baltimore, Maryland, May 28, 1993.

 "Miscegenation and Race in The Pastures of Heaven" presented as part of the Steinbeck panel 

 at the American Literature Association annual meeting.  San Diego, California, May 28, 1992.

 "Contested Discourses of the Pastoral: Heteroglossia in Steinbeck's The Pastures of Heaven"

 presented at the Western Literature Association conference.  Estes Park, Colorado, October 3,


 "Dreaming of a White Christmas: Mobile Representations of Tradition" presented at the 

 Annual meeting of the California American Studies Association at San Jose State University.

 San Jose, California, April 20, 1991.

 "Pastoral Re-Readings and American Regionalism" presented at the annual meeting of the 

 American Comparative Literature Association.  San Diego, California, March 9, 1991.

 "Comparative Translation as a Tool for Introducing Discourse Theory to Mono-Lingual 

 Students" presented as part of the Pedagogy Panel at the 1990 American Literary 

 Translators' Association annual conference. San Diego, California, November 16, 1990.

 "Re-evaluating the Regional" presented at the California American Studies Association 

 Conference on "Place in American Culture," at California State Polytechnic University, San 

 Luis Obispo.  San Luis Obispo, California, May 6, 1990.

Professional Activities

 Judge, Sole judge of the 2017 edition of the California State Poetry Society’s annual poetry 

 contest. Winners published in California Quarterly, Volume 43 #4 (December 2017).

 Founding Member of the Editorial Board,Steinbeck Review. 2003-the present; Steinbeck 

 Studies. 2001; TheSteinbeck Newsletter. 1995-2000.

Kevin Hearle       Page 13

 Manuscript Reader, Ohio University Press, August 2014; Stanford University Press, July 2013.

 Visiting Scholar, The Bill Lane Center for the American West, Stanford University.  

 September 1, 2008-June 30, 2013.

  Peer review reader for essays submitted to Western American Literatureon John Steinbeck

 2009 to the present.

 Second Supervisor of the doctoral dissertationEthnic Minorities in John Steinbeck's Fictionby 

 Didier Arcade Ange Loumbouzi,Universite Marien Ngouabi, Brazzaville, Republic of Congo. 

 July 2009-July, 3 2010.  At the request of the Cultural Affairs officer of the U.S. Embassy in 

 Brazzaville, I agreed to read and comment upon this 442-page dissertation. Although I have 

 never been to Brazzaville, and I have never met Mr. Loumbouzi nor anyone else affiliated with 

 University Marien Ngouabi, Mr. Loumbouzi  and Professor Eugene N'Goma (Mr. Loumbouzi's 

 dissertation supervisor), both felt my many pages of emailed comments were so substantive 

 that they requested my permission to list me as the secondary supervisor of the final


 Member of the Brainstorming Committee, planning session for the 2008 Envisioning

 California Conference at California State University, Sacramento on April 17, 2008.

 Interview Subject(upon the recommendation of Stanford University and at the request of the 

 Office of Broadcast Support of the United States Department of State), appeared in “John 

 Steinbeck: A Russian Journal”—a documentary about John Steinbeck and his work

 produced by Imedi-TV of the Republic of Georgia.  Interviewed at Stanford University on 

 April 4, 2007. The initial broadcast was in 2009.

 Broadcast Reader, The California Legacy Radio Anthology on KAZU-FM (2003-2013).

 [selections available]

 Participant, The National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institute, “The Redemptive 

 West”: The Post-Civil War American West, Huntington Library.  July 11-August 12, 2005.  

 William Deverell, Director.

 Program Consultant, Steinbeck Festival XX.  National Steinbeck Center, Salinas, California.  

 January-March 2000.

 Participant, The National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Seminar on American

 Indian Literature, University of Illinois at Chicago.  June 20-August 12, 1994.  LaVonne 

 Ruoff, Director.

Kevin Hearle       Page 14

 Poetry Co-Editor, Quarry West. January 1988-January 1992.

 During my tenure the magazine received grants from the NEA, the Coordinating Council

 for Literary Magazines, and the California Arts Council.

 Research Assistant, The National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institutes on 

 Literary Translation, University of California at Santa Cruz. June-September 1988 and 

 March-August 1989.  Joanna Bankier and Gabriel Berns, Co-Directors.

 I worked with the co-directors, the Institute faculty members (Hugh Kenner, Robin 

 Lakoff, John Biguenet, John Felstiner, and W. S. Merwin) and the university staff to 

 select the participants and to plan and run the institutes. I participated in sessions, and 

 afterwards, assisted in the preparation, writing, and editing of NEH reports.

 Poetry Reading Organizer, University of California at Santa Cruz. July 1990-May 1991.

 I coordinated and introduced readings by W. S. Merwin and Marvin Bell.  

 Chair of the Undergraduate English Association and Undergraduate Representative to the 

 English Department Steering Committee, Stanford University. June 1979-June 1980.

 I appointed undergraduates to serve on all department committees, conducted meetings, 

 represented undergraduate interests at the department level, and coordinated the

  group's academic advising, career advising, and lecture programs.  Also ran a reading 

 series which included readings by Wallace Stegner, Robert Stone, John Felstiner,    Katherine Hellerstein, and John L'Heureux.

Teaching Experience

 Lecturer, Osher Center for Lifelong Learning, Santa Clara University.  Fall 2008.

 I taught a two-day course on “The Short Fiction of John Steinbeck.”

 Lecturer, English Department, Notre Dame de Namur University.  Spring 2001-Spring 2002.

 I taught a graduate seminar on lyric poetry, and undergraduate and graduate poetry 

 workshops.  I also, co-directed a masters thesis in creative writing.

 Lecturer, English Department, Santa Clara University.  Fall 1999, Spring 2002.

 I taught Introduction to Poetry, and the survey of post-Civil War American Literature.

 Instructor, University of California, Santa Cruz Extension.  Winter 1998-2000.

 I taught an eight-week workshop course in prosody, and a six-week course on the migrant 

 farmworker novels of John Steinbeck.

Kevin Hearle       Page 15


 Instructor, Writing Consultation Program UCLA Extension.  Fall 1995-December 1996.

 I was available to consult with advanced students on poetry manuscripts.

 Lecturer, English Department, California State University at Los Angeles. 1995-96 year.

 I taught the graduate poetry workshop; the introduction to literary study; and the 

  thematically organized, final course in the composition sequence.

 Lecturer, English Department, San Jose State University. Fall 1992, and 1993-1994. 

 I taught the beginning creative writing workshop; a one hundred twenty-five student, 

 introductory level, multi-ethnic American Literature course; the second half of the survey 

 of American Literature; composition; introduction to the minor in English; and upper 

 division courses on the modern short story, on the works of Steinbeck, and on post-1945 

 American prose.  

 Lecturer, Board of Studies in Literature, University of California at Santa Cruz.  Winter and 

 Spring 1993.

 I taught the upper division course on Modern American Poetry and a new upper division 

 course on American Regionalism.

 Instructor, Summer Session, University of California at Santa Cruz. Summer 1991.

 I taught the combined poetry and fiction creative writing workshop, and supervised the 

 work of a teaching assistant.

 Teaching Assistant, Board of Studies in Literature, University of California at Santa Cruz. 

 Fall 1987-June 1991.

 I lectured, led discussion sections, and graded papers and examinations in the following 

 courses: Introduction to American Poetry, Introduction to American Literature,   Introduction to Literary Interpretation, Introduction to American Drama, American 

 Fiction 1880-1925, Steinbeck, Shakespeare, and--without lecturing--in Romantic Fiction. 

 Teaching Assistant, Creative Writing Caucus, University of California at Santa Cruz. Fall 

 1987-September 1991.

 I independently taught the introductory poetry workshop course three separate quarters.

 Adjunct Instructor, Department of English, Coe College (Cedar Rapids, Iowa). September

  1983-June 1984.

I taught beginning and advanced composition.

 Teaching Assistant, Department of English, University of Iowa.  August 1982-December 


Kevin Hearle       Page 16

I independently taught the general education course Interpretation of Literature.  My 

techniques were highlighted in a graduate student colloquium on pedagogy.

 Arts Outreach Instructor, Iowa Center for the Arts. January 1982-May 1982. I taught poetry in 

 K-12 public schools around Eastern Iowa, and led a writing workshop in a residential drug  

 rehabilitation center.


 Winner of the Burkhardt Award from the Ball State University Foundation of Muncie, 

 Indiana as outstanding Steinbeck scholar of the year, 2005.

 Grant Recipient from the Book Club of California, 2005.

 Asked to donate collected papers to California State Library, 1996.

 Four poems nominated for Pushcart Prize: The Best of the Small Presses, 1994.

 Finalist, National Poetry Series, 1992.

 Finalist, Yale Series of Younger Poets, 1992.  [Note: Yale University Press does not announce 

 finalists; however, shortly after I submitted my manuscript to Yale I received an offer from 

 Ahsahta Press to publish my book.  After discussions with both presses, Ahsahta agreed to 

 allow me to wait on Yale’s decision as long as I was willing both to keep Ahsahta informed as 

 to the status of my manuscript in Yale’s competition and to have Ahsahta delay any potential 

 publication of my book until 1994.  I informed Yale and they kept me informed as my 

 manuscript stayed under consideration as the submissions were successively winnowed down 

 to 20, then 10, then 5, then down to 3.]

 Residency at The Millay Colony for the Arts, Inc. Austerlitz, New York.  September 1990.

 Nominee for The Best American Poems of 1989. [Note: The Best American Poems of____

 series does not traditionally announce the names of nominees whose works are ultimately not

 selected; however, in 1990 I was eating a gyro on a street corner outside my conference’s hotel  

 in Manhattan when a man noticed my name tag and said, “Kevin Hearle…, you had a poem in 

 The…The Yale Reviewin 1989.  I’m David Lehman, the series editor for The Best American 

 Poems of ____series, and I passed your poem on to that year’s editor for possible inclusion in 

 the volume.” That poem was “Each Thing We Know Is Changed Because We Know It.”]

Kevin Hearle       Page 17

 Grant Recipient from the Peninsula Community Foundation. 1986 and 1999.

 Finalist, "Discovery"/The NationPoetry Contest, 1984.

Memberships in Professional Organizations

 Academy of American Poets, John Steinbeck Society of America.

Community Service

 Founding Member,Civic Arts Committee of the City of San Mateo, California (August, 2008-

 July, 2014).

 I served on the committee which directed the city’s public art program, and initiated and 

 led the successful efforts to acquire for the city works by San Mateo natives Sam Francis 

 (by donation from the Sam Francis Foundation) and Charles Ginnever (by developer’s 

 purchase—with hometown discount, which I had negotiated in advance). 

 City Arts of San Mateo: President(2003), Treasurer(1999), Secretary(2004), Member of the 

 Board of Directors(1997-2005), Chair of the Cultural Plan and Percent for Arts Committee

 (2000-2005), Chair of the Fundraising Committee(1999), Chair of the Mission Statement 

 Revision Committee(1999), Chair of the High School Literary Arts Recognition Scholarship

 Program Committee, (2001-2004), Master of Ceremonies for Central Park Music Series

 (2003-the present).

 Candidate for the Democratic nomination to the U.S. House of Representatives from the 12th

 District of California(2006).

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